Services for Freelancers

Freelancers are also welcome in Germany. I understand as a freelancer a person who wants to run his own business – either as solo or with partners. Similar to a corporate business immigration, you will need a residence permit for self-employment (§21 V AufenthG) but only with less strict requirements. I will gladly help you to establish your working residence here. My services will typically be:

  • supplying a checklist for any all documents to be submitted,
  • instruction at which office these documents are to be submitted,
  • streamlining supplementary documents,
  • negotiating legal follow up questions from the authorities,
  • supplementary letter to persuade the authorities,
  • general instruction of the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.),
  • whenever possible we will either provide either the mandatory application form or a link to an online form,
  • submitting the details in advance to local authorities for them to process,
  • organizing you an economist to provide you with a promising business plan,
  • studying and proofreading from the hired economist resp. developing the business description,
  • providing you a letter on practical hints whenever your status changes,
  • providing you a letter on your legal status after every relevant step.


Wait a second! What exactly is freelancing in Germany? This is somewhat confusing topic, I have discussed this on a  different page. Please read that as well and return to here.

Business Description:

When applying for self-employment, i.e. running your business, you need to introduce your line of business to the authorities. In simple cases, I will develop such description. For more complex ventures, an associated business consultant, an economist, needs to be hired. Please understand that the Ministry of Economy of the respective Federal State and / or Chamber for Industry and Commerce will test the business plan on its feasibility. Though Germany needs businesses, the authorities still take a careful look at what you plan to do here. Unwanted / unviable businesses will be denied! My associate partner is an economist and will tell the success story of your business idea to that economist at the authority. Bear carefully in your mind that your application stands and falls with your business plan!

Another benefit, next to developing your company's success, in hiring him, is that this company can later apply for grants when consultation goes on. After you found your business, you can use the business plan for subsidies or for loans or credit lines from your bank. For more details on subsidizing, please: click here. Grants are available from at least three different pots.


Do you want to do yourself a favor? Then introduce me, in the text box below, what your line of business is – elaborately. Usually, I take € 150 ex VAT for the initial discussion to determine the eligibility of your line of business. If you business idea is clear and conceptually meets the requirements , I will waive this fee in full. 

Get your readymade company with a virtual office from Beam Beam my Presence to Berlin UG (limited liability) is my associate in providing virtual offices for your business in Germany. This approach keeps your private life outside of business.