Artist’s Residence Permit:

When you are a freelance artist and want to live in Germany as a self-employed artist, I will help you the permit with the following services:

  • supplying a checklist for any all documents to be submitted,
  • instruction at which office they are to be submitted,
  • general instruction on the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.),
  • providing you a letter on your legal status after every relevant step,
  • providing you a letter on practical hints whenever your status changes,
  • we will prefill out the mandatory application form for your convenience and to prevent slips on your side that might backfire.

Germany has a heart for artists but you still have to prove that you are an artist. It is important to show that you are really an artist – typically with an art diploma. But that does not mean, you will have no chance without one. "Having a heart" means that they will grant you a permit for sure, if you can seriously show that you can make it here as an artist. Maybe I would take a piece of art for an additional service. Please, when you contact me, also mention what kind of art you provide and any family members. You want to know your chances? Pretty easily answered. If you can show that you are an artist and have sufficient funds, you are almost here. Why this? Simple. Germany is interested in having foreign artists here to enhance the artists' scene. Best connect with me when clicking on the word contact above.

Do you have family to join you? No issue, please click this sentence for my services related to them.

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