VAT Refund Services

This assignment serves consulates and resp. their home authorities who are eligible for VAT refund – for any certain reason. Actually, the application is stupid simple but upon a more closer look, it turns out that requirements are pretty tricky. The application period is short and this period is a cut-off period. If the application is not in the office within June 30, it is too late.

My services are preparing the application

  • by visiting the consulate browsing through details to find relevant details for VAT refund,
  • pre-filling out the application for,
  • making sure everything is correct,
  • nothing missing,
  • send the application per express mail,
  • discussing follow-up questions from Bundeszentrale für Steuern (German Federal Tax Office),
  • speeding the decision making proceedings.

I will gladly come to the consulate and discuss vis-à-vis with the commercial attaché further details -- free of cost and binding.