Tax Services for Private Persons

My standard services are:

  • submitting any and all required tax returns: income tax, solidarity surcharge, any and all further declarations as needed in the individual case,
  • testing issued tax assessments,
  • optimizing tax relevant structures,
  • corresponding with the tax office,
  • representing your interests towards the tax office,

Individual services can be e.g.:

  • income reports for immigration purposes, be it Prüfungsbericht or just a letter declaring what you earn,
  • etc.


(a.k.a. given or Christian name)
Unless for important situations, we will only contact you in the chosen manner.
All Americans must submit their "1040" but not necessarily pay taxes. I suggest you to contact attorney Thomas Mawn IV!
"Bruttoeinkünfte" as mentioned on your annual pay slip
This will be from savings plans, dividends...
This will be from savings plans, dividends...