Transparency Register Germany

The Transparency Register is designed as an overflow register. Recent measures of combating money laundering resulted in the opening of a registry to disclose the beneficial owner of a corporation. The lawmaker intends to Companies or other legal entities have to provide details about the beneficial owner via the Transparency Register, unless this information is already available from entries and documentations via other public registries.

Who has to make entries into the Transparency Register?

Directors of juristic persons under private law and incorporated partnerships (§ 20 I GwG), trustees and custodians (§ 21 I and II GwG) are obligated to immediately disclose their beneficial owners in the Transparency Register, unless such beneficial owners are already evident via other public registers (e.g. commercial register). So if you as an individual found your company, you do not have to be registered here. If your company is being held by another one, registration is mandatory.

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