Reason for Residency: Education

What is meant by “education”?

Legally, education is understood as


I want to enter Germany with an education visa to find a job. Of course, I will learn the German language during my job hunt. If I find employment, I do not want to go back. Can’t I apply from here? I’m already in Germany and it’s only a waste of time and money if I apply from home.

Well, you can apply, but with a 100% guarantee your application will be denied because you did not enter Germany with the correct visa! §16 V 2 AufenthG expressly prohibits granting or extending a residence permit when you are here “only” to study the language. The only way to get around this rule is to marry a German or EU citizen.

Can an “education permit” lead to permanent residency?

The answer is simple and clear: No. You will never get five consecutive years to learn German here.

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