Learning German in Germany

I want to start taking language classes for my studies back home. Will it be difficult for me to study here?

I do not know how well you would adjust to living abroad, but to legally qualify for a German class you just have to show that a language school will accept you, that you have enough money to live, and there are no reasons for expulsion. If you can show all this, you will receive a temporary residence permit. This permit does not allow any extension of your stay in Germany.

This sounds intriguing! I apply for a permit to study the language for a year and have such long vacation! Isn't that cool?

Not really. You have to show that you’re enrolled in a language school for a full-day program, five days a week. If you can’t prove that, your application will be denied.

How long can I study the language?

The most you can get is two years. After that you must leave Germany. It will generally not be possible to switch to any other kind of permit without having previously left the country. However, ridiculous this might seem, there is really no way around it! Germany wants to control immigration. The only other possibility would be to marry a German or European or be a parent of a minor German or European.

What about me getting a visa waiver? Isn’t there an exception for me?

No, there is no exception! However, there is a simple, practical, and legal trick. Just leave Germany and return! When you leave, your visa waiver kicks back in. In other words, you only have to leave Schengen territory overnight and can return the very next day. It absolutely suffices to leave five minutes before and return five minutes after midnight. Upon return to Germany your visa waiver period of three months kicks back in.

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