Studying for a PhD

What do I need to study for my PhD in Germany?

From a legal standpoint, you are still studying in Germany. However, you are no longer at a basic level.

What kind of documents do I need to continue with my studies for a PhD?

First of all, you will have to have successfully completed studies in the subject for your PhD. Then get a letter from your professor declaring that he is going to work with you in the preparation of your thesis and that it is something of academic relevance. Of course, this letter will have to be in German!

Great! I also got a job at the school with my doctoral advisor. Um, am I now an employee? May I accept that position?

No reason to worry at all! The dream of many German PhD students came true for you. In terms of labor and tax law, you are employed. In terms of immigration law, you have a “student’s job”. A student’s job is always permitted and has no explicit time limitation.

Cool. What is my legal status?

Your status / rights / duties are the same as for any other student. In that regard, there is nothing special to mention!

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