Blue Card Migration  

This page is all about migrating as a blue card holder inside Europe.

Gee, Germany is lovely but I got a job offer in France. How can I migrate into another EU country? I hope I’m not stuck here for good.

No need, to worry. Though Germany wants to spoil you that you remain here, European law makes sure that you can migrate. After staying here for 1 ½ years, you have the right to relocate and keep your momentary status in another EU country. If you relocate earlier, then you will not have to exit Schengen to apply in the other country but will restart your four year period of holding a Blue Card EU.

Though the possibility to migrate surely sounds cool but I normally need a visa to enter Schengen. Do I have to have go back home? Well, isn’t there a chance that I can apply from Germany and then head on?

Relax! As you are correctly presuming, Germany has a heart for highly skilled – even when parting. It is much easier to migrate than you think. Pack your things here in Germany, move and within one month of arrival, you have to apply for a domestic permit in your new home country.

Okay, let us assume I successfully migrated. What residential status am I to expect, when I am abroad? Will I have to start anew again? Do I get any time credit?

Sure, you will get a time credit. You will have such status as if you had not left Germany. So when you have two years until permanent residency in Germany, you will have two years in the other European country left until you are on a permanent status.

You just said that I can have permanent residency after 4 years but when wanting to relocate to another European country, I was told that my status would be downgraded to temporary because France grants permanent residency after 5 year. What is going on?

This fact is true, as Germany is implementing the Directive 2009/50/EC on the Blue Card with a “+”. Germany is so desperately looking for qualified persons, that these candidates are being more preferentially treated in contrast to other European countries.

Hey, what’s goin’ on! I entered Germany with 4 ½ year credit and what I got was a permanent resident permit. Are the authorities trying to play tricks on me? I learned that I get permanent residency after 5 years.

Relax, calm down. Everything is going fine. Like said above, Germany has adopted the Directive on the Blue Card with a “+”: Germany grants highly skilled persons permanent residency already after four years. In other words, this is the reverse side of downgrading to another European country: upgrading to Germany.