In spite of all rumors, lawyers and law can be something practical. This section is all about giving hints to practically manage one's daily life in Germany. The articles here will be very often something very evidential for Germans – but not necessarily.

Acknowledgement of Foreign Judgments in Germany
Germany Purchasing Tax Fraudster CD
Interpreters to Understand Your Attorney now Financed by Legal Aid
Smoking Ban – Constitutional Court Undoes Ban
List of German-English Dictionaries, Translators, Lessons Online
Database on Lost Documents
Losing Your Keys and Finding them again
Lost and Found online
Bringing up the Big Guns to Give Notice
Business Papers: What to dump after the Turn of the Year
Calculate Costs for Moving to Germany
Defend Yourself Against Discrimination – What You Can do if You are a Witness –
Emergency Services - Bait for Fraudsters
Find a Pharmacy
Fire Protection: Are you ready for an Emergency?
How to react in the event of fire emergency
How To Search for a Job in Germany
Job Boards for Expats
Locating Emergency Call
New Emergency Number Closes Security Gap
Online List of Conversions
Special on Smoking Ban
The Primary and Secondary Consequences of Converting Handedness
Umlauts on a U.S. Keyboard
Uniform Tax Identification Number Being Introduced
What do think of being a transparent bank customer?
Your Money Card as an Instrument for Youth Protection
FATCA and What it Practically means for your German Bank Relationship from the German Legal Perspective
Paying with PayPal


  • Court Stuff

    Intersting articles relating to very general legal issues that effect virtually everybody. Typically, court judgments will be from the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG). N.B. the date format follows the German way. Don't when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  • Free Stuff

    Hints and Sites – free of any cost and commitment – to help you have an easier life in Germany. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add something.

  • Lost & Found

    Poor you, that something got lost. Try here to find out how to hopefully get it back. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add another possiblity or when your city has its "Lost & Found" online.

  • Miscellaneous

    Virtually anything that will enhance living and working in Germany – with special attention to your needs as an expat. The focus is on English language information. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add something.

  • Money

    It's all about the currency and paying in Germany.