Help! Fire!

When something is a blaze, then every second counts. Therefore, be prepared - as you hopefully learned at Boy Scouts! The most important rule above all: Keep calm! Take a deep breath and consider what to do. We will inform you on the most important behavior rules in the case of an emergency.


Information on Prevention

Always be aware where the next phone, fire alarm, fire extinguisher and next emergency exit are. Are there maps for emergency exits? The escape route plans are publicly accessible. You should also be prepared to use an extinguisher; the instructions for use can be found on the device itself.

Rules of Conduct in Case of Emergency

Correct behavior is particularly important in the event of a fire. The fire extinguisher is to be used if the fire is rather manageable and you can safely extinguish the fire yourself. In all other cases, especially if you could endanger yourself, better get out immediately and wait for the fire department! Inform other neighbors in your house that there is a fire. As far as possible, leave the building immediately, do not stay and do not take anything else with you, just yourself or family members. The fire department should only be informed from outside the building or apartment. If people are not able to exist themselves, they must be helped to escape and brought to safety. Not helping them would constitute an omission to effect an easy rescue (§323c StGB).

If a fire has broken out in a room, all doors and windows should be kept closed. Go as far as possible to the staircase and use the escape routes. If there is smoke in the stairwell, it is essential to keep the apartment or office door closed, draw attention to yourself at the window or call the fire department and wait until they come. In rooms with strong smoke you should move as close to the ground as possible, close to the floor. Elevators may not be used in the event of fire. They can become a deadly trap.

Call the fire department: Emergency call 112

When you have brought yourself to safety, you should call the fire department immediately. When you make an emergency call, you will be asked standard questions, which you should be prepared for and answer in as much detail as possible:





Where did it happen? What is the address?

Wo ist es passiert? Was ist die Anschrift?


What happened?

Was ist passiert?


How many people are injured?

Wie viele Personen sind verletzt?


What is the nature of the injury?

Wie sind die Personen verletzt worden?


Wait for any questions!

Warte auf Rückfragen!