Time Limits

How much time do I have to do ... Well that is all what this page is all about. We will be considering most important situations in daily life. 

How much time do I have to assert my warranty rights?

The law grants you two years. The manufacturer may grant you more time. But the statutory period is the minimum.  Also consider reading following article directly related to this question: "Guarantee vs. Warranty".

How long does it take until claims are time-barred (verjährt sein)?

Generally, the limitation period (Verjährungsfrist) is three years (§195 BGB). Thirty years, however, is the period for

  • claims on return of property,
  • claims granted upon a civil court's verdict after the period to file an appeal has elapsed,
  • claims in family law (except for running alimony or support),
  • claims in estate law.
What does this mean that a claim is time-barred? May I not go to court any more? Have I lost my claim?

No, you have not lost your case in court! The court does not monitor this defense ex officio. The debtor must raise it during the proceedings. Therefore, filing a case in court is like a game of poker. Will the debtor defend himself? And if so, will he hire a lawyer?