Child Sick Pay

Being statutorily insured, we have to take care of our sick minor child. I informed my employer. What about my salary?

Those on statutory health insurance who have to abstain work to supervise, care for or nurse their child, are eligible for child sickness benefits (§45 I SGB V). Such benefits will only be paid if the child is younger than 12 or is disabled and dependent upon help.

What about children who are seriously ill?

There is a special regulation for children with a serious illness (§45 IV SGB V). The law grants a timely unlimited claim for "child care sickness benefits" to the parent of a gravely ill child if the parent has to remain home to care and nurse such child. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for this benefit:

  • The child may not be older than 12 or it has to be disabled and dependent upon support.
  • A physician's certificate must show an illness
    • which is terminal and has come to far advanced stadium and
    • a treatment is not possible and a palliative-medical treatment is necessary or wished by a parent
    • gives expectation to a limited life expectancy of weeks or a few months.
What about those privately insured? Do we also get any kind of child sick pay?

Usually privately insured employees are not eligible for child sick pay. Only in seldom cases does a health insurance contract grant such possibility. This relates to the fact, that only the health of the insured person is covered. Private health insurance has nothing to do with solidarity among the insured as provided by the statutory insurance. So, before writing any kind of child sick leave off, double check with your contract or insurance broker.