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In Germany, there is a very accurate saying concerning laws: Recht haben und Recht bekommen… (“Being right and getting it.”) Attorneys and court cases can become costly.

Please keep in mind: German attorneys are prohibited from guaranteeing results (§49b II BRAO. Court rulings are sometimes unpredictable. In addition, do not forget that in Germany, if you lose, you have to pay your lawyer, court costs, associated legal costs, and – get this – the fees for the attorney of the opposing side! Never forget that Germans sue for the weirdest reasons.

On the other hand, why should you spend your hard earned money on attorney and court fees? Legal insurances ease this dilemma. Please understand, this site only wants to introduce you to the most important kinds of legal insurances. The variety and combinations are numerous. Consult an insurance broker to discuss what is best for you in your personal situation. All attorneys work with all insurance companies and all insurance companies collaborate with all attorneys.


Type of

German Phrasing

Short Description

Family and
Estate Advise
Rechtsschutz in Familien- und Erbschaftsangelegenheiten
For advice or initial consultation from a German attorney on family and inheritance law questions
Apartment and Real Estate
Wohnungs- und Immobilienrechtsschutz
Disputes between landlord and tenant, rent increases, noise, other nuisances, etc.
Defense against fines and damages in traffic matters e.g. loss of drivers license, imposition of driving journal, tickets for speeding, going through red lights – but not for those done purposely
Labor Law
For disputes in working contract relations, e.g. employment contracts, notices, salary, wages
Defense against negligent(!) criminal offences enforcing damage claims, legal liability for injuries or accidents
For the enforcement of damages relating claims from statutory rules on legal liability, e.g. injuries or damages after an accident.
Contract and Property
Vertrags- und
Disputes on contracts regarding sales, services, loans, insurance
Social law litigation
with or without
preliminary proceedings
Sozialgerichtsrechtsschutz mit oder ohne Vorverfahren
Disputes in court against social security agencies, e.g., for wrongful cancellation of pension
For disputes at court concerning motor vehicle tax, income tax and inheritance tax assessments
Victim’s Legal
Asserting damages, pursuing incidental action against perpetrators


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