Business Law News

Interesting cases in general for running a business in Germany.

Title Date
Business Coaching – State Subsidies 27 Mar 2020
Warding off Unsolicited Advertisement 10 Mar 2020
Fine Print too Fine 03 Mar 2020
CEO Liability for Wage Taxes with Tolerated Credit Line 01 Feb 2020
No More Stalling Payments 13 Jan 2020
Director's Liability vis-à-vis third Parties for "Seizing the Cash Box" 13 Nov 2019
Competition Ban for Directors 02 Sep 2019
Bank Customers responsible for Lost EC-Card 17 Jun 2019
Enforcement of the Dismissal of Director per Interim Legal Protection 12 Jun 2019
Liability of Director not Knowing of Bankruptcy when the Cause is not in his Competence 13 May 2019
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