Business Law News

Interesting cases in general for running a business in Germany.

Title Date
Immediate Termination of a Director’s Employment Contract for Compliance Violations 25 Jun 2020
Cookies on Websites without consent 23 Jun 2020
Employee Qualifying as De Facto Manager 18 Jun 2020
Dentist's Insufficient Knowledge of German automatically Endangering Approbation 16 Jun 2020
Business in a Pedestrian Zone 06 May 2020
Business Coaching – State Subsidies 14 Apr 2020
Who is Liable for Inaccuracy of the GmbH Shareholder List? 08 Apr 2020
Warding off Unsolicited Advertisement 10 Mar 2020
Fine Print too Fine 03 Mar 2020
CEO Liability for Wage Taxes with Tolerated Credit Line 01 Feb 2020
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