Business Law News

Interesting cases in general for running a business in Germany.

Title Date
Establishing a company Digitally 08 Sep 2022
Company's Name with Special Characters 08 Jun 2022
Minority Shareholder's Eligibility to Assert Claims Employed Directors 08 Jun 2022
Director’s Eligibility to Register Change in Commercial Registry 06 Apr 2022
Partners as Part of Company Name 02 Feb 2022
Responsibility of the Shareholders' Meeting for Executive Compensation 02 Feb 2022
Registering a Foreigner as Director 18 Nov 2021
Death of the Sole Director – Now What? 31 Oct 2021
Director’s Competition Ban in the Insolvency of the Company 27 Oct 2021
Clear Reason for Dissolution in Articles of Association 06 Oct 2021
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