Business Law News

Interesting cases in general for running a business in Germany.

Title Date
Director Giving Notice in Times of Need 06 Apr 2018
State Liability for too Slow Administration 09 Mar 2018
Limits to Legal Business Enquires by Fax and eMail 20 Feb 2018
NRW Courts Hearing in English 10 Jan 2018
Regional Court Frankfurt communicates in English 30 Dec 2017
Inspections by the Tax Office: How to Prevent Digital Snooping 13 Dec 2016
Stricter Law against Money Laundering Now Including Consultants 08 Dec 2016
Parking Lots only Free for Customers 08 Dec 2016
Coping with Bad Reviews on eBay 08 Dec 2016
Bait from the Agency for Labor to Create Jobs 30 Nov 2016
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