Private Tax News

Interesting cases on tax topics when employed, receiving child benefits, or for other non-commercial reasons from your income tax bill. This category also covers taxes for earnings upon interest. You will also find cases discussing what (or not) you can deduct when employed or for other non-commercial reasons.

Germans call "child benefits" Kindergeld". Since the rules for child benefits is published in EStG, the cases have been organized in this category. Though these benefits are grants, they are regulated in the income tax code.

Title Date
Own Costs for Company Car in Income Tax Return 07 Aug 2019
Non-Residents entitled to Child Benefits while receiving Domestic Income 07 Aug 2019
End of Child’s Professional Education for Child Benefits 15 Jul 2019
Missing Intention to Achieve Income When Employed 08 May 2019
Secondary Job as a Supernumerary is Tax-Free 08 May 2019
Invitation to a Luxurious Cruise Subject to Gifts Tax 04 Feb 2019
Deducting Home Study with Minor Professional Use 16 Jan 2019
Using "Green Exit" at Airports While Carrying Items Subject to Duty 15 Dec 2018
Home Office – Which Spouse can Deduct? 04 Oct 2018
Primer on how to Deduct Costs for a Home Office 04 Oct 2018
Strict Requirements to Have your Finanzamt Co-Finance your Offspring's Studies 16 Sep 2018
Deduction of School Costs as Extraordinary Expenses 16 Sep 2018
Are Sick Payments for Housekeepers Subject to Progression in Taxation? 16 Sep 2018
Deducting the Same Costs Twice 16 Sep 2018
Co-heir Means Codebtor in Taxation – Even if Unaware 16 Sep 2018