Alexander's Office:

Thank you for your time to explore this presentation of a lean but mean law firm serving the needs of foreigners in Germany.

What is your general line of consultation ?

My target clientele are English (or German) speaking immigrants. These can be businesses, embassies, or private persons in the areas of immigration, commerce and taxes. Whenever your legal queries are not covered by my personal scope of competence, my diverse network of experts is ready to support you. When it comes to colleagues, I either team up or subcontract to them. Consider this law firm as the one-stop agency for immigration (residence permits for self-employment, freelancing, employment, family reunion as well as visas), commerce (founding as well as legally accompanying companies) and tax services for business and private.

Why should I be hired ?

I was born in New York City and grew up in a multicultural family in the United States. Never having to deal with only one culture, I was raised interspersed with a conglomeration of traditions and cultural habits. As the western slip of my elders from Lithuania, Russia, Silesia, Masuria, I have been inspired by their cultures and have combined them with his most dominant cultural experiences: the U.S. and German. I understand firsthand what it means experiencing a different culture.

Don't believe me? Check out what my previous clients think! You can consider contacting my references if you wish to know more. Otherwise, have a look at my resume by clicking this sentence.

My network !

I have a network of specialized persons at my fingertips:


What do you get ?

Everyone else promises best quality, high professionalism, etc. etc. I do not!

I guarantee you my piece of legal mind to enable you to make the decisions you require. You will obtain legal advice from a professional, who has learned the law and not just something else.

You want / have to fight for your rights?

So be it. Nevertheless, a calm word from a professional will hopefully sooth everyone's aches and calm any tempers. If that does not work, then it would make sense to go to court. If the prospected complaint has no merits, I will clearly say so.