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Supplementary Services

Registration with tax office and provision of a "nutshell for a basic understanding on German business taxation".
Registration of your company with tax office as well as four different agencies as employer, accompanied by a nutshell for you to have a basic understanding of how payroll works in Germany.
Value Added Tax Identification Number.
Certain signatures have to be made in front of a (German) notary. If neither the founder(s) nor the new director(s) are willing or able to come to Germany for the event of founding, this is not a hindrance. A German notary can be substituted by a German consul or comparable foreign notaries. I will provide you with the specific drafts of documents to which you will receive further instructions.
When incorporation documents are to be signed, the law expects that you understand what you are to sign. We will not only accompany you to the notary, but also consecutively interpret that you understand to the satisfaction of the notary.
Installing Alexander von Engelhardt as your company's proxy director.
The IHK, aka Chamber of Commerce, is public entity and tradepersons, irrespective of their legal form, are mandatory members with this organization. We can expedite the registration and the receipt of a membership number by registering your company with the competent IHK.
EORI is the customs registration number you need when you're in the import / export business. Normal Processing will apply when your business activities do not yet include importing or exporting but soon in the future. After registering your company for taxation, we would parallel apply for this number. Customs will then have all tax relevant details from your company and it will be instantly fully setup. To urgently apply for the EORI number will take place right after your company has come into existence: entry into commercial registry. You will have to come up with a reason why you need an expedited processing. Such can be almost anything. Just name it, demonstrate it, and you're eligible. You will demonstrate eligibility with contracts / orders that show that certain goods will cross the border.
Registration with trade office and payment of their fees.