Tax Services for Corporations

Depending on when we start our collaboration, we will render different kinds of services. When you just formed your company we will register it with all required – just as required.


Our setup services will be:

Registering the company for taxation purposes at the tax office. This starts with filling out filling out the official registration form. This form triggers questions around

    • by helping you determine the appropriate values to declare upfront in order to maintain your liquidity at all times, we want to prevent excessive advances neither when starting business nor after the turn of the year,
    • discussing whether or not to bill with VAT, when the line of business so requires,
    • determining which VAT rate is applicable for your line of business, (We have 0%, 7%, and 19%.)
    • instructing how taxation works in Germany in a nutshell,
    • This nutshell will be important for your understanding of what is happening and when it is to happen. Please diligently study it. It will contain following information:
      • providing you with a description of taxes you have to expect,
      • describing the most important hints for deductions,
      • determining the correct domestic VAT rate for your line of business (Germany has either 0%, 7%, or 19%),
    • applying for VAT-ID,
    • double checking the correctness of your first invoice that it meets VAT regulations and the company does not lose its face with its clients
    • t.b.d.


Our running monthly services will typically be:

      • developing the monthly or quarterly pre-returns for VAT (or in German: "Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung"),
      • developing the monthly or quarterly financial evaluations (or in German: "BWA", betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen), in English (for your understanding) and in German (for your bank or lessor or whomever),
      • developing the annual closings with balance sheet, P&L, and addendum,
      • t.b.d.


Our annual services will typically be:

      • publishing the mandatory disclosure in the Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger),
      • submitting any and all required tax returns:
        • VAT,
        • income tax,
        • corporate tax,
        • trade tax,
        • solidarity surcharge,
        • any and all further declarations as needed in the individual case.
      • informing shareholders on the company's profit,
      • testing issued tax assessments,
      • appealing wrong assessments from the tax office,
      • representing your interests towards the tax office,
      • t.b.d.


Individual services can be e.g.:

      • reminding you to send us the details to be booked on time,
      • income reports for immigration purposes, be it Prüfungsbericht or just a letter declaring what you earn,
      • remote bookkeeping services: you scan the ledgers through a software that we will organize, and you keep the original details,
      • optimizing tax relevant structures of the company,
      • t.b.d.