Tax Preparation Services for Private Partnerships

My services will generally be:

  • Registering all members of the partnership and the partnership as such with the tax office,
  • issuing the monthly or quarterly VAT pre-returns,
  • financial statements or betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertungen (BWA) in German and English, though not legally required, you will latest need them once you wish to have a credit line for your account or lease something,
  • evaluating of income and expenses,
  • issuing the mandatory P&L calculation,
    • for the partnership itself
      as well as
    • for the individual partners with their personal P&L,
  • submitting all tax returns: VAT and maybe trade tax,
  • keeping the capital accounts of the individual shareholders,
  • determining and considering the special deductions of the individual shareholders,
  • issuing special balance sheets – in as much as required,
  • forwarding the results to the partners and discussing this with them,
  • optimizing the overall tax burden,
  • testing the tax assessments,
  • corresponding and representing with tax office,


If you only have a quick question, pleae consider using my hotline: 09001 529 366 00 for only € 2 / min – cell phones might differ. For more information on this kind of service, please click the following words: LawFon