Registration Services for Taxation, Health and Old-Age Insurance for Artists

Tax and Health Insurance Registration for Artists in Germany

Next to getting your business rolling, you also need to register for taxation in Germany and social security correctly. This should be done correctly to save you time and money and I can help you with both.

Health and Old-Age Insurance Plan for Artists

After you have received your residence permit, I will introduce you to the statutory health and old-age insurance plan for artists in Germany (Künstlersozialkasse) and register you with them. Being insured by them is inexpensive and in your best interest.


After having received the residence permit, we can also register you for taxation. I will gladly assist with that as well. My services include:

  • registering you for taxation purposes with the tax office,
  • discussing whether or not to bill with VAT,
  • instructions on how taxation works in Germany in a nutshell,
  • applying for VAT-ID,
  • providing the most important hints for deductions in a nutshell,
  • double-checking the correctness of your first invoice and if it meets VAT regulations,
  • t.b.d.

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