Start ups: Freelancers

My standard scope of services for freelancers starting their business will be the following:

  • registering at tax office,
  • discussing whether to bill with VAT or not,
  • discussing which taxes will be levied,
  • applying for all needed tax numbers,
  • nutshell on what you need to know on a day-to-day need, like tax liabilities, and deductions.

Let's start with an initial consultation on how things can be structured, your line of business, etc.


(a.k.a. given or Christian name)
Unless for important situations, we will only contact you in the chosen manner.
All Americans must submit their "1040" but not necessatily pay taxes. I will gladly provide you a quote for organizing the returns to the IRS
your gross income from self-employment without VAT
If maybe please describe your line of business in the next box.