Corporate Founder

The founder of a corporation is either a physical or a juristic person. The law requires that the founder must identify himself. For natural persons, like you and me, this is no issue. You just produce your ID or passport with an address registration slip from Germany or equivalent proof from abroad. Foreigners living in Germany can easily use their electronic residence title.

Identifying the corporate founder

If a company wants to found a subsidiary, then this requires more attention! The company needs to identify itself as well. Working across at least two jurisdictions is a bit demanding. Since the German commercial registry is authoritative with the details published, the registry is pretty picky on the exactness of details. They want every single detail proven and that in German. Contrary to other jurisdictions, the commercial registry publishes binding information that enjoys public trust.

The requirements for this proof are most straightforward within the EU, and for countries of the former "Commonwealth", we have developed a pragmatic solution. The rest of the world is the most difficult. For this reason, our fees are staggered. For UK company founders, we have developed an Express Service for an additional €450 with UK colleagues, so you can have your UK company proven within three business days. 

Our services in this regard will be to help you prove the existence of your company and its legal representatives. You are to produce an official certificate on its existence and its directors. If this document is not also in German, then it will have to be translated by a certified translator for German courts. We will gladly organize a certified interpreter for you here in Germany.

Our fees in an overview: