Notary Interpreting Service for Incorporating

translating during the notary appointment


When incorporation documents are signed, the law expects that you understand what you are about to sign. Your German is not good enough to really understand all the legalese the notary will be reading aloud? No problem! We will not only accompany you to the notary, but also interpret for you consecutively. This way you understand everything that is being said and the notary is satisfied as well. Of course, we do not mind to advise you on last minute changes – after you have received our draft. Foreigners should be able to speak German on C1 level or better. If the notary has to certify in German and a foreign language at the same time, the costs increase by ca. 40%.

Shelf Companies from Beam my Presence to Germany UG
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Beam my Presence to Germany UG (limited liability) is our associate business partner for virgin shelf companies.