Live Support to Open your Company

Many of our previous clients reported to us that they were overwhelmed with the form itself, while we consider it all self-explanatory. They wanted support to have questions answered, double-check their understanding of this or that. We listened to you!

Click here to arrange your appointment for live support to open your company.

One of my assistants will connect with you either on Zoom, Skype, Meets, or Teams to share screens and while doing so, my assistant shall fill out the form with your basic data, and help you choose the required and/or necessary supplementary services. Once this is done, he will send you a link to the pre-filled out form requesting you to double-check. After proofreading all, you will order your new company. I will then prepare all that your new company is quickly set up.

This special service is subject to a fee of € 200. Please consider our online form has been developed for a "do it yourself" approach. On the other hand, we have heard many times that people would nevertheless love to have live support.