Registering with Trade Office in Germany

Many competitors "forget" this seemingly unimportant detail. The law requires that all businesses with a trade as line of business and having a fixed address register with this office. We are only talking of a registration – no more no less. N.B. Corporations listed in the Commercial Registry are always considered as a "trade" – regardless of their class of business. They are considered as "formal tradesmen". They want this registration typically for statistical reasons. Failing to register is a misdemeanor and can be fined with up to 50 k€. We consider this and will take care of your business by

  • filling out the registration form for you,
  • paying their fees,
  • answering any and all follow-up questions from them,
  • forwarding the official registration slip to you for your records.

Standard Registration

On a standard basis, we need € 150 ex VAT (including office fees) for this service. This standard procedure means that our service will be provided in written proceedings. It will take a few weeks time until you receive the slip. This registration is not urgent. A lack of registration does hinder you in running your business – while it is being processed.

Urgent Registering

An urgent processing means we prepare the application and go into the office and register the business in person to the next possible opening hours. On top of the standard fee, we will need € 300 ex VAT.When do you need to have the company urgently registered? Disregarding your personal needs, it is most feasible when your line of business is subject to permission.

Budget Registering

Some persons only have issues with the German language, forms, formalities, whatever else when it comes to bureaucrats but otherwise want to do things themselves. We are especially thinking of low budget start-ups wanting to do everything correctly but yet lack liquidity. This service will be to correctly fill out the form and email it to you. You will then go into the office and register. This service will cost € 50 ex VAT.

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