Services to Obtaining a Permit for Employment

My Services for your Work Permit in Germany

The following offer is valid if you already have an employment contract in your hands. Is your (future) employer based in Germany? If yes, then everything is good. If not, then this is unfortunate for candidates who need an entry visa. In this case their employers should at least open a permanent establishment in Germany. I can also solve this problem quickly and inexpensively. The company is welcome to contact me. The employer will need a branch office or representative office in Germany. Our partner Beam my Presence in Germany UG (haftungsbeschränkt) will be able to provide the suitable virtual office.

The services for applying for a residence permit for employment purposes will typically contain the following:

  • supplying a checklist for any and all documents to be submitted, to ensure you have everything needed for your application,
  • applying for pre-approval to expedite the processing,
  • providing the mandatory application forms (there are several) pre-filled for your convenience and ensuring the correct answers are given,
  • instruction at which office the relevant documents are to be submitted,
  • streamlining supplementary documents, to ensure that all is not only in fine shape but in order, Germans frown on "chaos",
  • negotiating legal follow-up questions from the authorities, to ensure they hear what they want to know but also only that,
  • supplementary letter to persuade the authorities,
  • general instruction about the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.).

How long will it take to receive your permit? If you are applying from abroad, it will take a few months before your entry visa is issued. It usually depends on the location from where you are applying. More precise information can only be given for the individual case. Within Germany, it should take a maximum of one month from the date of application.

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