Family Reunion to a Family Member in Germany

My services for assisting a family reunion to Germany in order to obtain a residence permit will be manifold. The time scale will be several months until the application will have been processed - starting on the day you submit the application and the country of your origin.

happy family after family reunion in Germany

The services for applying for a residence permit for family reunion to a family member already in Germany will contain the following tasks:

  • supplying a checklist for any all documents to be submitted, this is to ensure that your application is complete,
  • I will provide the mandatory application form (pre-filled for your convenience), to make sure that you approach them correctly,
  • instruction at which office the relevant documents are to be submitted, to ensure that each authority gets exactly those documents it wants to see and nothing else,
  • streamlining supplementary documents, German authorities hate sloppiness and chances decline when the application form evidently misses important information,
  • negotiating legal follow-up questions from the authorities, this is to ensure that they only hear the relevant and correct information,
  • general instruction about the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.), so you to know what will happen when and why,
  • providing a summary of any new legal status at every relevant step in the process of applying for the permit.

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