Visa Services

The services described here are for those who do not belong to a visa waiver country. All these persons require a visa to enter Germany. N.B. please correctly understand the wording here (pursuant to German legalese): Visa is a short-term permission to remain inside Germany – for up to 90 day per half-year. "Extensions" are actually not intended but are not impossible. Such extension would be for up to another 90 – but only in emergency cases.

Application Services for Visa to Germany

Applying for a Visa

The services for applying for a visa will contain the following services:

  • determining which kind of visa is best for your interests,
  • pointing out which supplementary documents are to be submitted with the application, CV and all documents must be submitted in German (this is important), exception: diplomas in English,
  • streamlining documents to be submitted,
  • general instruction about the application proceedings (duration, fees, consulate’s opening hours and address, etc.).
  • whenever possible I will either provide the mandatory application form, or a link to an online form.

Upon request, arranging an appointment at the consulate as well as accompanying you to the consulate can be arranged. The advantage of a lawyer accompanying you to the consulate will be a more preferential consideration and treatment. It would be a German entering a German authority...

Rejected Visa and how to fight it

Fighting Denied Visa

The services for combating a denied visa are manifold and complicated. It is true that you have to contest it in court. It is also vital that you do this within one month time after you have received the denial. Though this time limitation is strictly handled, when you have already missed this time limitation, I know a “backdoor” or trick that will get you into the position again of being able to appeal in court. My main tasks will be to

  • formally appeal on your behalf in court,
  • forward the court fees received from you,
  • apply to inspect the embassy’s file,
  • inspect the file, report to you on the results of this inspection,
  • then discuss a strategy with you,
  • argue your interests in court,
  • seeking a resolution with the ministry in Germany,

 The time scale will be at least one year until the hearing will be set.


Fees for representing your interests are never subject to negotiation, we must take the full statutory fees as this is determined by the Lawyer’s Remuneration Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz). The value of dispute of visa / residence issues is usually € 5,000, which is the basis for all legal fees. This means that in immigration matters, court fees compute to € 393 and my fees to € 420 for generally processing of the case and € 390 for the hearing. These fees are flat. In case you request to pay in installments, they can only be for our fees; the court fees must be forwarded with the first installment. When you are in a shortage of time, I shall proceed with the complaint when you show via a transfer order from your bank that sufficient funds have been forwarded. For the sake of good order, I suggest to pay court fees via me. I will forward the court fees to the court at no extra charge and with full personal liability.

When you win the case, you will receive the court fees and most of our fees returned. Why only most of my fees?  I needed to add a minor surcharge to compensate consulting in English, summarized translation of the court correspondence, etc. The legal fees as determined by law do not consider these extra and in your case necessary services. I regret it will not be possible to go ahead and apply without prior payment because the court demands to receive its fees before anything is processed and the same goes for me. You may relax and be reassured that my main goal is to fight for your rights. I will clearly instruct you if I notice that you have no chance to win. In this case, when you have no chance, you can withdraw the complaint and receive most of the fees returned.

Chances of Winning

I guess you would like to know what chances you have to win. Sorry, I cannot seriously answer this prior to the inspection of the consulate's file on you. I will be able to tell what went wrong with your application, only after I have inspected the file. This is the first thing I intend to do, when you take out my services.  

Are you interested? Please fill out the contact form and forward the consulate's denial to me via separate eMail or fax.

DSGVO requires that you accept my statement on data privacy. In order for me to serve you, please accept it.