Help me Now!

Get legal "first aid" or an impromptu legal translation
for only € 2 / min. – incl. VAT
(mobile costs might differ)

This hotline is available from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 8!


What is this ? How does it work?

This is quite easy to explain.

This hotline is addressing immediate and direct
need of a first and not thorough consultation
on questions of everyday concern for private or
business people. If you need me to look at something send it in advance per eMail and mention that you will call me at a specific time.

If you a have a complex problem, this is the wrong medium.
Send me an eMail or call me on my regular number to make an appointment

Do you have follow up questions to a recent initial consultation?

Call the LawFon and get the follow up. N.B. The longer back you had an initial consultation, the more you will have to explain again

Whenever using the legal "first aid" on phone please be aware that no recordings, notes, or any kind of memorandums will be made or is assigned to be made.

Simply because you ask a question and get an answer does not mean that you have a lawyer representing you.

Following providers routinely block toll numbers:

  • Aldi Talk

Please check internally online in your account to unblock services numbers as mine. Telephone providers sometimes overdo the care for their clients.