My services typically cater the anglophone foreigner wanting to live in Germany – be it for business, employment or private.

Accompanying you to Notary
Acquiring Alexander as your Company's Proxy Director
Address Registration Services
Artist's Residence Permit
Banks for Incorporating Businesses
Business Immigration Services
Corporate Founder
Family Reunion to a Family Member already in Germany
for Private Partnerships
Founding a Standard GmbH
Founding a Standard UG
Founding an Individual GmbH
Founding an Individual UG
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Immigration Services


  • Private Immigration Services

    Private Immigration Services

    The following service areas relate to persons outside of a business wanting to live in Germany. I usually offer full service "from preparing the application to defending it when authorities question it". If you need / want more or less, please negotiate.

  • Business Immigration Services

    Immigration for Business Purposes

    Business immigration services are all about bringing the successful businessperson to Germany to make new business in Germany. Welcome businesses are artists, freelancers (Freiberufler),shareholding directors, tradepersons (Gewerbetreibende). The services for applying for a residence permit for working as an individual on the basis of self-employment will introduced on the following services on the following subpages as they all have different needs.



    Beam my Presence to Germany UG (limited liability) is my associate in providing virtual offices for your GmbH or UG or representation in Germany. However, also consider using Beam's services, when you wish to disclose your private address from business partners. Famous artists have shown
    interest in this regard.


  • Corporate Services

    Corporate Services

    We will gladly serve you in setting up your company or supporting you in running your already founded company or winding up your business, be it private partnerships or corporate enterprises. We serve the flourishing foreign business as well as the low-budget companies with turnkey set-ups.

    Our approach is that we take care of all the red tape. Your mind is to be with your business or when liquidating on the new venture!

  • Tax Services

    Tax Services

    We provide tax services for individuals, freelancers, as well as corporations – in as far needed and wanted. All services will be provided in English!