Closing down a Company in Germany

It is sad to learn that your company's plans have not turned out. Better have a terrible end than unending terror…

If you do not close the GmbH or UG in time, the director might become personally liable for any debts and bankruptcy criminality can start. When is the best time to liquidate? This is something that the owner and / or director know best. It is time to close down a company when they see no future for operational success in the near future and before the company cannot pay any outstanding debts in a foreseeable time.

Store closed - Liquidation of company

My following offer assumes that you have a "clean" situation for liquidation: no outstanding debts, no account seizures, or the like. It is no real problem if the shareholder lives abroad. His traveling is not required. We can handle all remotely!

Our tasks for the assignment of closing the company will be:

  • applying to close the company at the Commercial Court via the notary,
  • providing you with a nutshell on the procedure and time frames,
  • drafting the bilingual required shareholder's resolution,
  • installing myself as the company's liquidator,
  • visiting the notary to formally apply,
  • discussing any follow-up questions from the Commercial Court,
  • publishing mandatory declarations at the beginning and end of the one-year liquidation phase as the company's liquidator,
  • forwarding such information to the shareholder as it occurs,
  • paying the fees for
    • notary,
    • Commercial Registry
    • and
    • mandatory publications,
  • signing off the final tax returns and balance sheets with the existing tax consultant, after your okay,
  • opening a special escrow account for this matter and closing the current business account to protect the shareholder.

These are our standard services for a UG or GmbH and usually cost € 1300 – to be invoiced towards a shareholder. In case you need different support or more or less services, please let me know. No worries, we support you in case additional issues come up. Further concerns will be resolved based on a time fee. The whole procedure will take around one and a half years – and cannot be significantly reduced. If we do notice that the proceedings can be shortened, we will return some of our fees.

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