Founding a GmbH in Germany

If you are a foreign investor and you want to open a German company for bigger business, a full German limited liability company or with its German acronym “GmbH” will be your best choice. A “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” offers a simple structure typically designed for private companies.

Incorporating German GmbH


There are not many requirements for opening a GmbH:

  • minimum share capital for a GmbH is € 25,000,
  • minimum number of shareholders is one,
  • minimum number of directors is one,
  • physical address is required,
    which can be realized with a virtual office,
  • legal description of the line of business,
  • the notarization of the articles of association,
  • the application of registering the company with the commercial registry via the notary,
  • shareholder (or his special representative, based on a notarized power of attorney) has to sign a deed on the incorporation, and the appointment of one or several director(s) before a German notary, (in the event of their absence, you need a remote founding),
  • then the new director(s) has/have to open a bank account
  • afterwards the company has to fund this bank account with at least € 12,500 (= half of the company stock capital),
  • upon proof of capitalizing your company, the notary will apply to register your company with the commercial registry.
  • After the incorporation, the company has to be registered with
    • tax office (incl. VAT ID),
    • and as a rule the trade office.


Basic Offer

Our standardized offer for setting up your company instantly:

  • testing legitimacy of your selected company name,
  • fine-tuning and testing legitimacy of the line of business for the articles of association,
  • drafting the bilingual company formation documents, which you will be requested to approve prior to the notary,
  • organizing the notary appointment in your vicinity, exception: remote founding,
  • introducing you to relevant banks.


Are you in a hurry?

If you are in a hurry, you should consider to buy a ready-made company. What is the difference? With the founding process it takes about 2.5 months until you receive your VAT-ID. With a ready-made company you can start with German and non-European sales or services right after visiting the notary! We can arrange a notary appointment within approx. one week.


Fees (ex VAT)

Basic Fee Instant Company Formation 950 € 750 €
Additional Fee for Corporate Founder 250 €
Additional Fee for Trade Registration – standard service 150 €
Additional Fee for Trade Registration – budget service 50 €
Additional Fee for Trade Registration – urgent service 300 €  
Additional Fee for Registration with Tax Office 1000 € 900 €
Additional Fee for Payroll Set-up 1000 € 900 €
Additional Fee for Remote Founding 1180 € 670 €
Additional Fee for Interpreting @ Notary 300 €
Additional Fee installing Alexander as your company's proxy director 50 €
Additional Fee registration at IHK 30 €
Additional Fee for Applying for EORI Number – normal processing 40 €
Additional Fee for Applying for EORI Number – urgent application 60 €

By filling out and submitting the form, you are accepting the standard terms and conditions, and assure that you are acting as a business!

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If you still have questions, please visit our FAQs on incorporation by clicking this sentence.


Steps to Found your Company