Articles in this category will answer so many "simple" or "quick" questions when it is typically not worth hiring a professional. A typical situation is that you hear or read something that do not make sense. You want to have a very general idea if your intended approach will be feasible or not. You have one of those "quick questions" and do not want to pay anything for it. Now you have reached the right place! Please respect that I do not answer quick questions for free – neither per eMail nor on the phone.

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The provided FAQ on German law will be exclusively around my expertise (Corporate Taxes, Companies and their directors, Immigration, Private Taxes) if it is not just something practical.

Meaning of § - §§§§ 30782
Meaning of § - §§§§ (2) 108
A Step by Step Guide to pave your way to Immigration 7155
Appealing in Immigration Cases 7241
EU Citizens as well as Non-EU Spouses and Relatives 11656
Fiktionsbescheinigung 16779
General Requirements for Residence Permits to Germany 6527
Overall Requirements for a Residence Permit - Permanent EU Residence Permit 14795
Previous Introductions to German Immigration Law - Integration in Germany 16951
Entrepreneurship & Business Immigration Services: Live and Run your Business in Germany 12486
German Freelance Visa - Freelancing and Residence Permit in Germany 4433
Blue Card EU for Highly Skilled Persons to Work in Germany 20170
D-Visa: Working Holiday Visa for Germany 6057
German Employment Visa Requirements 11106
Getting a German Work Permit 8816


  • Business Legalities

    Inside the FAQ for business legalities, we want to provide you with a very basic understanding that you can prepare the consultation with us. This category collects topics around businesses (company law) as well as making business.

  • Entry

    This section is all about describing what you need to successfully apply for a residence permit and individual kinds of permits. Best start with General Requirements for Residence Permits to Germany. These general requirements must be met for each and every kind of permit. If you lack already one, then your chances of success in obtaining a permit are slim.

  • Private Legalities

    This section will describe the legalities of a private person in Germany – on a general basis.

  • Residence

    This section is all about your extending and living on your residence permit.

  • Visas

    information on visa

    This topic is all about visas – but not residence permits. Please understand as "visa" the permission to be inside Germany as a visitor for up to three months in a row. A "residence permit" allows persons to indefinitely live here and maybe also pursue some kind of employment and in the long run be eligible for permanent residency – longest after five years.