Articles in this category will answer so many "simple" or "quick" questions when it is typically not worth hiring a professional. A typical situation is that you hear or read something that do not make sense. You want to have a very general idea if your intended approach will be feasible or not. You have one of those "quick questions" and do not want to pay anything for it. Now you have reached the right place! Please respect that I do not answer quick questions for free – neither per eMail nor on the phone.

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The provided FAQ on German law will be exclusively around my expertise (Corporate Taxes, Companies and their directors, Immigration, Private Taxes) if it is not just something practical.

  • Business Legalities

    Inside the FAQ for business legalities, we want to provide you with a very basic understanding that you can prepare the consultation with us. This category collects topics around businesses (company law) as well as making business.

    • Taxation

      Articles shown here will on taxes related to businesses.

    • CEO

      It is known that a CEO, chief executive officer, runs a corporation. In German this person is typically called Geschäftsführer. This section will introduce to you the rights and duties as well as liablities of a CEO in Germany.

    • Legal Forms of Businesses

      Legal Forms will describe what kinds of German corporations exist. In Germany, you have GmbH, UG, etc.

    • Contracts
    • Professions

      This category will introduce to select professions which require a more elaborate description of how to pursue this line of business. The introduction will relate to the very basic legalities of opening and / or running such profession.

      The so called chambered professions, such as that of the attorney or physician, have some strict rules that need to be adhered to. These professions always require a permit from a governing body and these professionals must follow strict regulations.

      You will also find a list of professions that require a permission – next to registration at trade office.

  • Entry

    This section is all about describing what you need to successfully apply for a residence permit and individual kinds of permits. Best start with General Requirements for Residence Permits to Germany. These general requirements must be met for each and every kind of permit. If you lack already one, then your chances of success in obtaining a permit are slim.

    • Private Reasons

      Immigration for Private Reasons

      We would like to introduce you the most common possibilities for immigrating to Germany for non-entrepreneurial reasons. In consideration are here employees, family members, children.

    • Business Reasons

      Immigration for Business Reasons

      We are highly specialized for business immigration purposes! Alexander has been hired by Deutsche Anwaltsinstitut to train other colleagues in business immigration.

      Please understand as "business immigration" when we serve

    • Studying

      This category is all about the residential requirements of studying in Germany. Be it to only learn the language or study at a university for Bachelor, Master, or PhD.

    • Employment Permits

      Employment Permit

      Germany has a shortage on skilled and academic workers. Persons lacking any kind of training will not have a chance to obtain a residence permit in Germany. The individual articles will describe you what you need to know for a certain residence permit around employment in Germany.

  • Lawyers
  • Practicalities

    In spite of all rumors, lawyers and law can be something practical. This section is all about giving hints to practically manage one's daily life in Germany. The articles here will be very often something very evidential for Germans – but not necessarily.

    • Court Stuff

      Intersting articles relating to very general legal issues that effect virtually everybody. Typically, court judgments will be from the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG). N.B. the date format follows the German way. Don't when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    • Free Stuff

      Hints and Sites – free of any cost and commitment – to help you have an easier life in Germany. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add something.

    • Holidays

      Practical News on Holidays in Germany -- whatever might expat related. In other words, you will not learn that Christmas is called Weihnachten in Germany...

    • Lost & Found

      Poor you, that something got lost. Try here to find out how to hopefully get it back. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add another possiblity or when your city has its "Lost & Found" online.

    • Miscellaneous

      Virtually anything that will enhance living and working in Germany – with special attention to your needs as an expat. The focus is on English language information. Send the Publisher an eMail when you want / can add something.

    • Money

      It's all about the currency and paying in Germany.

  • Private Legalities

    This section will describe the legalities of a private person in Germany – on a general basis.

  • Residence

    This section is all about your extending and living on your residence permit.

  • Visas

    This topic is all about visas – but not residence permits. Please understand as "visa" the permission to be inside Germany as a visitor for up to three months in a row. A "residence permit" allows persons to indefinitely live here and maybe also pursue some kind of employment and in the long run be eligible for permanent residency – longest after five years.