• Business Immigration

    Business Immigration

    We are highly specialized for business immigration purposes! Alexander has been hired by Deutsche Anwaltsinstitut to train other colleagues in business immigration. Please understand as "business immigration" when we serve investors, freelancers, and startups.

  • Citizenship


    These pages provide you with valuable information about citizenship, dual citizenship and naturalization or applying for German citizenship.

  • Employment Immigration

    Employment Immigration

    Germany has a shortage on skilled and academic workers. Persons lacking any kind of training will not have a chance to obtain a residence permit in Germany. The individual articles will describe you what you need to know for a certain residence permit around employment in Germany.

  • Private Purposes

    Private Purposes

    This is about topics such as family reunification or immigration as a pensioner. About all those people who want to immigrate to Germany without wanting to / being able to / having to work.

  • Studying in Germany

    What are the requirements for studying in Germany?Studying in Germany

    This category is all about the residential requirements of studying in Germany. Be it to only learn the language or study at a university for Bachelor, Master, or PhD.

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