Testing your Immigration Chances to Work in Germany Your path to immigrating to Germany

Many people dream of working in Germany and do not know how to find a job and organize their relocation. We are here to help you! We put together a smart and fair package to help you get your job and immigration support! This test can also be used for your opportunity card!

Germany has a great shortage of skilled workers! Almost any kind of profession with formal vocational training or academic education is needed – bitterly. We would like to contribute to eliminating the shortage of skilled workers by helping foreigners with needed skills immigrate to Germany. As a first step, we test your immigration chances and your chances for an opportunity card, determine the appropriate immigration route, and place you with a suitable German recruiter.

All of this takes a little time. Your expertise needs to be vetted as you have to meet German requirements. On the other hand, Germany is not technically equipped to support your legitimate wish. You, as well as your employer, will need some patience. Don't worry; we are here to help you.

Support for you to Work in Germany

We want to be supportive! And you will need our help. We have developed the following scope of services to get you a job in Germany with the matching residence permit. In three overall steps, we will get you a job and livelihood in Germany:

  1. We develop your immigration path.
  2. We will introduce you to our recruiting partners, who will try to find you a job that matches your requirements!
  3. Parallel to their search, we can apply for your opportunity card.
  4. After you find your "permanent" job, we will help you apply for a residence permit.

It is seriously impossible to skip step 1 and go to step 2 to hire the recruiter directly! The recruiter must be able to answer the first questions on your immigration to your potential employer. This approach clarifies the first questions your potential employer will have. They might not know the immigration process. We provide your "immigration path" to the recruiter and the recruiter to an employer interested in you.

Just as little is not possible to jump step 1 and apply for the opportunity card. Your application will fail, and you only blocked the authorities with an evidently unsuccessful application.

Developing your Immigration Path

This phase goes relatively quickly because we will test and evaluate all your qualifications. You can typically expect our response within one week.

  • We will vet whether your vocational training / academic education meets the requirements and inform you thereof.
  • Based on our results, we will develop the immigration route for you. Do you have a family? They come with you: "family reunion".
  • Next, after developing your immigration path, we will introduce you to our partners who want to find you a job – at no further cost for.
  • These development fees will go toward our full support to get you into Germany and registered with all the information required.

An example of what the development would look like:

A gentleman from Kenya living in the UK wants to work as a truck driver, especially for dangerous goods. He has a UK driver's license and a permit to transport dangerous goods on public streets.

We told him his UK driver's license is good for the first six months in Germany. We further determined whether his license is good in Germany. We also answered some of his questions on the side.

Immigration Support

Once you have found your permanent employer, you must apply for this company. We will support you in this phase as well. Since everybody is different, there will be no standard approach for everyone. You will find our most common offers for the most typical situations in our overview of immigration services.

Time Scale

We intend to finalize your test within one week, provided we have all the information from you.

Our fees

We ask for €250 for this test. Subsequently, and after we determine your qualifications, we can parallel apply for the opportunity card. N.B. You can get a refund of our fees with your first tax return in Germany, as they are considered "work-related costs". This means they are tax deductible.

How to hire us?

Simple, just:

  1. Fill out the testing following form,
  2. Upload your CV. If your CV is not in English or German, please provide a German translation,
  3. Upload certificates proving your vocational training or academic education.
  4. You can pay directly after completing the form.
  5. That's it!
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