F.A.Q. for Incorporating


When starting the adventure of opening a company, you will typically have a lot of questions that request an answer. As we offer a 24/7 service, this page is here to help you.

What to consider when opening a company?

When you have decided to open a company, then answer yourself following questions:

  • Does it make sense to incorporate or work solo / in a partnership?
  • Will you found alone or with partners?
  • Does your line of business require a permission?
  • Will you lead your company or will you hire somebody for that?
  • Will one of your partners be a director? If so, what internal responsibilities will you have?
  • Where is the company to be located? If you have no location in Germany or do not want to rent a space, then take out a virtual office from our partner Beam my Presence in Germany.
  • How much liquid cash do you have available to fund the company with? Do you have valuables for funding with assets? Read more on this topic in the FAQ page "Money & Company".

Topics of F.A.Q. for Incorporating

Here is a list of typically asked questions in regards to opening a company in Germany. They are sorted out by topics. If you prefer to personally discuss this with me, feel free to book an initial consultation via this link. I look forward to answer your questions.

Standard vs. Individual Founding

Image of UG in Daily Business Life or UG vs GmbH

Initial Capital & More about Money

Foreigners inside a Company

Buying Readymade Company vs Founding from Scratch

Is your Businesses Subject to Permission?

How to choose a Business Name for a Company in Germany

CEO - Director - Legal Representative

Rights and Duties of Shareholders - Shareholders' Assembly

Miscellaneous Questions all Around a Company During Incorporation

Who's who in incorporation

To incorporate or not to incorporate

Shelf Companies from Beam my Presence to Germany UG
If you really want to open a company quickly, then consider buying a readymade company right off the shelf!
Beam my Presence to Germany GmbH (limited liability) is our associate business partner for virgin shelf companies.

Beam also provides your new company with a virtual office, when you do not have a physical address here. Find the prices and the locations here. You book the virtual office right after ordering your company at the end of the founding form.
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