Readymade vs Founding from Scratch

Like Comparing Apples with Oranges: Buying a Readymade Company or Founding from Scratch?

What is a readymade company?

A shelf company is just setup so it is ready to be taken over. It is fully registered and has a local tax number. Our associate company Beam my Presence to Germany GmbH sets up these shelf companies and already carried the costs, you are now considering.

Why is a shelf company so advantageous?

The advantage is in the time saved. Once the sales contract has been signed with the notary, you can engage in business, more precisely, write invoices with customers inside Germany or outside the EU – the company already has its tax number.

What is the disadvantage with a readymade company?

A disadvantage? Well, the opening costs and a minor fee for their services are requested. This explains why a readymade is more expensive then a company founded from scratch. Weigh these higher costs against the significant time advantage to get your business running and decide for yourself.

Tell me, are there really no risks in buying a shelf company? The thing is that it's already existing and many transactions may have been done with this company. I'm reluctant to cover debts for someone else!

Generally, you fears are correct. However, you may rest assured with Beam! We have accompanied this company since it was founded. Their readymades are clean! Beam even guarantees the "virginity" of these companies with € 1,500. You will be on the safe side with them.

Does the readymade company come with a bank account?

Unfortunately, not. The thing is that no bank exists that may give an account to a person not yet identified – due to money laundering law.

Shelf Companies from Beam my Presence to Germany UG
If you really want to open a company quickly, then consider buying a readymade company right off the shelf!
Beam my Presence to Germany GmbH (limited liability) is our associate business partner for virgin shelf companies.

Beam also provides your new company with a virtual office, when you do not have a physical address here. Find the prices and the locations here. You book the virtual office right after ordering your company at the end of the founding form.