Immigration of Pensioners to Germany

Many successful children living here in Germany want to support their parents when they turn "old". While some parents are widowed and still want to live a meaningful life around their children and grandchildren, some cannot take care of themselves anymore. We can help! Yes, it is imaginable that we can get these people to Germany! How can retired parents join their adult children in Germany?

Cool. My elders can follow me! What are the requirements?

The requirements are actually not many, but proving them requires much more. The elderly persons will have to prove the following

How easy is it to get the permit?

Not at all. Yes, the requirements sound simple and standard. Immigration authorities are not at all interested in averaging the German population any further.

Can my parents get a Blue Card to enter Germany?

Good catch! After finishing their work career, people will never get a Blue Card. However, a Blue Card applicant can invite his parents to reunite with him when he is in doubt and can also finance their livelihood over here. Germany wants to be more attractive for skilled workers!

Does it have to be German health insurance?

No, it does not have to be a German health insurance company! The company must provide coverage in Germany. It is easily imaginable that you want to force a German insurance provider to cover your parent. I trust this is not your main interest. This requirement may not be waived at all. I have elaborately discussed the health insurance requirements on a different page – click here. It is really relevant that you get the support of an insurance broker and go shopping for brokers and their offers!!

How much money does my elderly mom need to have? At home, her living standard is not so well. She does not have any real income!

Whatever income your mother has is a start! Does she have real estate back home — either rented or self-used? That will be very interesting. She can also use her savings! What counts in the first step is that she demonstrates all sources of income, be it from home or abroad, that reliably brings her money.

It is important for me that I financially sponsor my father. He has done so much good for me that it is my turn to do him good.

Respected! However, it is less promising if you want to deny his finances because immigration will want to see them for sure. Your sponsorship is "second class" income. It is a more risky income from the standpoint of German authorities.

Okay, okay. When can I sponsor my elders?

You should sponsor them when their income does not suffice to finance their life here! Consider you will have to afford financial sacrifices.

How do I support / sponsor my parents to meet their financial needs?

You will have to pay for them. No, this is not the answer you are expecting. You will have to vouch for your parents formally. The authorities will relate to a "Verpflichtungserklärung". This means you must fill out a form via which you will commit to your parents. Do not take this easy! Once signed, you can and will be held liable when your parent becomes needy!

That sounds easy that I fill out a form and complete some promising data, and that is it.

I would not take it so easy! You must prove you can afford this sponsorship when you submit the form. False details can constitute criminal liability!

Afford to sponsor my parent? Of course, I will pay for my parents! I will pay for them even if I have to go broke!

That is precisely it! Your motives are honorable! Not one person in any authority will hold your motive against you. The fact and requirement remain: You must be able to afford your honorable sponsorship!

What do you mean by affording to pay for my parents?

The idea is that you do not have to go on welfare and that your personal income easily suffices to come up without sacrifices. You will have to disclose your income with payslips and tax assessments. You will also have to demonstrate your expenses: rental costs, health insurance costs, alimony for a trailing spouse, support for minor / adult children, and special medication needs.

Come on! How much money do I have to be able to pay?

I am sorry, but I can share no abstract value with you for your peace! Let me help you with the following approach. Your parents will have to show a certain minimum income to finance themselves. In the best case, it will suffice. If not, then they will have a deficit. Your commitment will be to cover that difference – the deficit. Let me share two examples: Your parents need € 500 / mth. You will have to be able to afford that. If you only make ends meet, it will be difficult to vouch for them. The authorities will not accept it.

I studied the residence act and cannot find this provision. Where is it written?

It is not at all written in the law – in exactly this wording! It is hidden in the provision §7 paragraph 1 clause 3 AufenthG as other reasons. Admittedly, immigration officials are flabbergasted when they encounter this provision from me for the first time.

Hey, wait! What about a family reunion? Are you not trying to simplify details? Reuniting family members must be much easier.

I regret that family reunion from parents to adult children is not that easy! Yes, the family reunion is imaginable, but... it is virtually impossible to meet the requirements!

What makes a family reunion so difficult?

§36 paragraph 2 AufenthG requires "to avoid exceptional hardship". A hardship is like something really disturbing. It will be exceptional when the pain is so high that God/the Unnameable/Allah in heaven nods in companionship and confirm, "Yes, this hardship is really exceptional".



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