Corporate Services

Additional Corporate Services

We will gladly serve you by setting-up your company, or supporting you in running your already founded company. We also assist with winding-up your business (liquidation), be it private partnerships or corporate enterprises. We serve the flourishing foreign business as well as the low-budget companies with turnkey solutions.

Our approach is that we take care of all the red tape, so you don't have to. Your should be free to focus on your business, or when liquidating, on the new venture!

The following topics could be of interest for you.

Closing down a Company in Germany
False Invoices from Commercial Registry
Founding a GmbH in Germany
Founding a UG in Germany
Instant Company Formation in Germany
Opening a Bank Account for Business and Private Purposes
Proving your Residential Address
Applying for EORI Number
Company Proxy Director for Germany
Corporate Founder
Live Support to Open your Company
Notary Interpreting Service for Incorporating
Payroll Setup Services in Germany
Register Company in Transparency Registry
Registering with Trade Office in Germany
Registration of a company at IHK in Germany
Remote Founding of a Company in Germany
Tax Registration Services for Businesses in Germany


  • Additional Services when Founding


    Additional Services when Founding

    Here we want to introduce further optional services for you to enhance your founding experience. They are all optional, which simply means, if we are not hired to take care of them, you will have to. Please choose what you wish and / or need.


Get your readymade company with a virtual office from BeamIf you really want to start business quickly, then consider buying a readymade company right off the shelf !

Do you want to have a business address without renting physical space? Take out a virtual office!

Beam my Presence to Berlin UG (limited liability) is our associate business partner in providing virtual offices for your business in Germany. This approach keeps your private life outside of business.