This category contains short stories which went to court and are to help you orientate yourself on a more individual basis.

  • Business Law News

    Interesting cases in general for running a business in Germany.

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  • Business Tax News

    Overview on all articles concerning tax law concerning businesses. Taxes referred to here are taxes on income from self-employment, trade tax, and VAT. Self-employment can be either a trade or professional services.

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  • Civil Law News

    Case law on miscellaneous legal conflicts among private persons.

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  • Holidays

    Practical News on Holidays in Germany -- whatever might be expat related.

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  • Immigration Law News

    We will be reporting here on interesting cases on foreigners law; it's all about (double) citizenship, deportation, entry, expulsion, naturalization, and residence.

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  • Miscellaneous

    FAQ Topics for ExpatsVirtually anything that will enhance living and working in Germany – with special attention to your needs as an expat. The focus is on English language information.

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  • Money


    Euros and money related topics in Germany

    Here you find articles about money and paying in Germany. Learn more about FATCA, paying with PayPal or the meaning of a "P" account.

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  • Private Tax News

    Interesting cases on tax topics when employed, receiving child benefits, or for other non-commercial reasons from your income tax bill. This category also covers taxes for earnings upon interest. You will also find cases discussing what (or not) you can deduct when employed or for other non-commercial reasons.

    Germans call "child benefits" Kindergeld". Since the rules for child benefits is published in EStG, the cases have been organized in this category. Though these benefits are grants, they are regulated in the income tax code.

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