Our service to become a naturalized GermanNaturalization of a Foreigner in Germany

We also support you in applying for German citizenship -- with or without giving up your current nationality.

Our services will be performed in two steps:

  1. testing your eligibility for naturalization whether you really meet the requirements,
  2. supporting you in applying for German nationality.

The First Step: Testing your Eligibilty

We will test your eligibility based upon a personal checklist, which we will provide to you. This approach is to prevent your endless waiting only to be turned down and so block the authority with a wrong application.

The Second Step: Applying towards the Office

The services for applying for German citizenship by naturalization will contain the following tasks:

  • we will provide the mandatory application form, German authorities hate sloppiness and chances decline when the application form evidently misses important information,
  • streamlining supplementary documents, German authorities crave to have your story proven, we will make sure that you show correct and relevant data,
  • issuing a persuasive letter to the authorities showing your eligibility,
  • negotiating legal follow-up questions from the authority (to ensure that they only hear the relevant and correct information.


The time scale will be around one week for us to vet the chances of your application upon receipt of all request information.

At the moment the duration of the application process cannot be predicted reliably. In Berlin, they have now digitized the application and opened a new department at immigration in Sellerstr. Applications can be made digitally. I trust mid-term, they will grant applications much quicker than before. As of January 2024, they have a backlog of approx. 40,000 unprocessed application. This is for Berlin, other cities can be much slower.

Our Fees

The first step will cost € 200 and will go towards the step upon eligibility.

The fees for the second step will be negotiated afterwards. They cannot be determined at this point because of too many variables in the later support.

How to Assign us?

Naturalization Test

Upon clicking, you will be led to our online order form. You can pay for the services directly after filling out the form. Just choose the payment reason "Fees as per Quote".

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