Applying the SyncBox

Your GDPR compliant file sharing boxWe have taken out the services of to provide you with a comfortable and GDPR-compliant way to exchange many documents over the Internet with us. What offer you is a safe online storage with 24/7 access and worldwide.

For mutual ease, please be diligent and carefully follow the suggestions and recommendations below!

It is important for us to organize your documents in the Sync folders correctly. "Correctly" is relative and relates to the type of assignment you have given us. Of course, if you have questions, ask them. Please also help us. Continue reading about the case most relevant for you.

Before uploading documents, please be so kind to use a scanner, and be it only the app CamScanner for Android or Mac. Make a good scan! We want to read and not guess. The document has to legible and please combine all pages into one document with the scanner / scan app. Why? This will enable us to really read and not guess what it is all about. The comparison to the paper world would be: picture = crumpled paper, scan = "ironed" paper.

Give all files a concise name! Concise is never "20180906_1125.jpg". How are we to tell what is inside the file, when all that we read is the date of scanning? For letters / correspondence, we would like to have following format [YYYY-MM-DD] three - four words on the contents. You need a more specific example? Sure thing! Just study the PDFs we send you. You might not be accustomed to this but once you embrace it, you will notice that it saves you from crazy searching for files and repeatedly scan documents. The better we understand what you have sent us, the quicker and better we can serve you.

Please do not just "dump" all documents! Please intelligently sort them. You want to be served at the quickest? This approach significantly helps us! You know everything about yourself and your family – in contrast to us.

And please refrain from sending us an email for each and every single document you just uploaded and that you will soon follow up with the still missing ones. We trust in and assume your diligence! We suggest following approach:

  1. collect all documents as requested per checklist,
  2. upload them once you have them – gladly individually,
  3. tick off the detail in the checklist,
  4. once you have uploaded all, write us an email, that we now have all and we could start. We can and will gladly quickly start serving you.

Corporate Clients for Immigration

If you are a corporate client with many persons to place in Germany, please add files to the relevant person accordingly and for that person only! The topmost directory will be for us internally. Once you have a new employee, please open a new subdirectory and upload his employment contract. The way to use the box for the individual candidate will be as described below for "individual clients". Once you want to introduce your new employee also onboard them with us. This is very simply done. Open a subdirectory in your SnycBox and name it [last name],[first name] of your employee. Simply open another subdirectory for any family members accompanying this person – in as far as you know of them. We will automatically provide your employee with a link to his subdirectory upon assignment. At end very end of the immigration process, I will upload the employee's entry visa (aka d-visa) to there. You need especially these documents for the personell file.

Individual Clients for Immigration

Here, we do not have much to organize. We only need directories for "each other family member", and the top of head / top directory is for the head of the family. You will find our checklists, invoice, and much more there. Consider this as a backup space for your immigration documents.

Clients for Incorporation

This approach needs not much structuring either. We will simply exchange drafts and final versions. If you want us to first doublecheck a notarized (and/or legalized) document In case something gets lost in the meantime, you will still find a copy here.

You are founding or taking over a readymade from our partner? Great! If you are a solo businessman, we will add subdirectories to your SyncBox. In the event, you have partners in your business, we will open individual SnycBoxes for the company and the individual families.


We thank you for your collaboration and support. This already will make our working relationship much easier. We have also learned that some clients do not care whatsoever about data privacy. So be it, we do not want to discuss this topic – just let us know...


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Your GDPR compliant file sharing box

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