Inside the FAQ for business legalities, we want to provide you with a very basic understanding that you can prepare the consultation with us. This category collects topics around businesses (company law) as well as making business.

Appeals in Taxation Matters
Corporate Tax
Employer's Duties for Employees
Flat Rate for Input Tax in Annual Statement
Income Tax
Input Tax
Invoicing Formalities for Intra-Community Trade
Labor Costs
Numbers in Taxation Matters for Individuals in Business and Companies
Operational Deductions
Taxation of Businesses
Trade Tax
Value Added Tax
VAT Internationally
Alledged Invoices from Commercial Registry
Branch of a Foreign Company in Germany
Business Legalities
Businesses Subject to Permission
Capital Sustenance
CEO - Director - Legal Representative
Choosing a Business Name for a company in Germany
FAQs when Incorporating
Foreigners inside a Company
GbR or Private Partnership
Image of UG in Daily Business Life
Legal Forms of Businesses
Miscellaneous Questions all Around a Company During Incorporation
Money & Company
Proxy Directorship, Procuration (Prokura)
Readymade vs Founding from Scratch
Representation in Germany
Rights and Duties of Shareholders
Standard vs. Individual Founding
Breach of Contract
Collections – Lawyer’s Advantage
Time Issues
EU Lawyers
Practicing as a Physician


  • Taxation

    Articles shown here will on taxes related to businesses.

  • Legal Forms of Businesses

    Legal Forms will describe all around what you need to know for opening and having a company in Germany.

  • Contracts
  • Professions

    This category will introduce to select professions which require a more elaborate description of how to pursue this line of business. The introduction will relate to the very basic legalities of opening and / or running such profession.

    The so called chambered professions, such as that of the attorney or physician, have some strict rules that need to be adhered to. These professions always require a permit from a governing body and these professionals must follow strict regulations.

    You will also find a list of professions that require a permission – next to registration at trade office.