Instant Company Formation

We now offer an instant and inexpensive company formation process – digitalized and standardized. Payment prevailing, you are to receive all our documents for founding within two German working days. In contrast to our competition, we take care of you. Because we are specialized on the needs of foreign investors and startups, we will provide you with detailed instructions with every step.

How? Simply fill out this form and provide us with the founding details. Please respect that inside this standardized formation, we will not consult you to question regarding which company form is best for you, or what the tax implications will be. If you want an initial consultation, this will be gladly provided for € 100 ex VAT. Just call the office to arrange the time and date. When you want a quick complementary call from us, please let us know in the box "my questions" and we will call you.

How does the process work? You are asked to fill out the form below. That is all. While we receive your information and while payment is being made, we will draft your company's articles of association and all other required documents which you are to receive within two German working days. In the event of a remote founding, i.e. the director not coming to Berlin, we will connect with our notary for the relevant documents you have had to sign in front of him.

This form covers all standard company formation scenarios that do not require discussion or consultation. For an individualized formation, please calculate the provided fees below and consider an hourly consultation fee of € 300 ex VAT. Based on the standard, we individualize the company structure to tailor your new German company according to your specific needs. When interested in an individualized setup, please fill out the form and then call the office to arrange our communication.

Basic Offer

Our standardized offer for instantly setting up your company:

  • testing legitimacy of your selected company's name,
  • fine-tuning the line of business for the articles of association,
  • drafting the bilingual company formation documents, which you will be requested to okay prior to the notary,
  • organizing and accompanying you to the notary as your interpreter – if you do not found your company remotely,
  • paying of the notary's fees,
  • paying fees with Commercial Registry.

Optional Support

Optional support can include:


We will expedite the process as much as possible. The main bottleneck will be the authorities. Having your company entered and so given life will need at most three weeks. During this period, we prepare the tax registration. After the company formally exists, we can submit the tax registration on the next day.  After a few weeks, you will have received the corporate tax number. When you also applied for a VAT-ID then this will be automatically issued inside two weeks after having received the VAT signal from the tax office.

Fees (ex VAT)

  GmbH Individual
Basic Fee 1900 € 900 € 600 €
Additional Fee for Corporate Founder 200 € 200 € 200 €
Additional Fee for Trade Registry 150 € 150 € 150 €
Additional Fee for Registration with Tax Office 900 € 800 € 700 €
Additional Fee for Payroll Setup 900 € 800 € 700 €
Additional Fee for Remote Founding 150 € 150 € 150 €

When filling out and submitting the form, you are accepting the standard terms and conditions and assuring that you are acting as a business!

Fill out the form now!