Services to Apply for to Search for a Job from inside Germany – aka Opportunity Card

We do not sponsor anyone. Please understand that you have contacted an immigration law firm, not a recruiting agency. We further assume that you have successfully passed our employment test

Application Proceedings

We want to help you quickly get the card, but we cannot influence the authorities. The services for applying for a residence permit for job hunting with an opportunity card will contain the following tasks:

  • supply a checklist for all documents to be submitted so your application will be complete. Case deciders are extremely annoyed if anything evident is missing; however, sometimes they might want more information,
  • generally instruct about the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.), so you know what will happen when and why,
  • providing the mandatory application form (pre-filled for your convenience), German authorities hate sloppiness, and chances decline when the application form evidently misses important information,
  • instruct on which office the relevant documents are to be submitted, to ensure that each authority gets exactly those documents it wants to see and nothing else,
  • double-check supplementary documents; German authorities crave to have your story proven; we will make sure that you show correct and relevant data,
  • answer legal follow-up questions from the authorities; this is to ensure that they only hear the relevant and correct information,
  • provide a summary of any new legal status at every relevant step in the process of applying for the permit.

Services for Spouse and Minor Child(ren):

A trailing spouse and minor children do not automatically come into Germany with the candidate. Just because the candidate applies does not at all mean they will get a permit. They have to apply themselves for family reunion with you. In contrast to the support you need, they usually do not require much attention. However, they greatly impact the financial needs the candidate might have to meet. As we highly value the family, we will not bill for minors. This stands under the condition that both your “better half” and your children will travel with you and need no special attention.


We will need € 800 ex VAT for the above–mentioned services. We understand you have already successfully passed the employment test. If not, please first take it! Do you need/want to negotiate the fees further?

How to Assign us


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