WANTED: Immigration Attorney

Typically, a young lawyer, be it female or male, with a minor or without an own client base who is willing to start his or her career as a business without financial risks, is eligible for this position. My office is quickly expanding, and consultation needs outside my personal competence are often needed. On the other hand, my capacity to serve clients is slowly becoming too much to handle alone. This is the latest where you come in. Therefore, I am offering a part-time position as an assistant that you can use to basically finance yourself and parallel to that work on your acquisition.

From day 1, you will be working in an international atmosphere and clients with other like-minded people. Therefore, I would be interested in supplemental legal specializations/interests.

May I first ask you a few questions?

  • Can you fluently consult in English and any other language?
  • Can you effectively and fluently communicate with clients in English and with authorities in German "simultaneously"?
  • Do you have at least some knowledge of immigration or corporate law?
  • Do you have significant knowledge in other fields of law, like labor law?
  • Are you interested in working with an internationally orientated lawyer and staff?
  • Can you work in a paperless office? This is important!
  • Do you have any expat / intercultural experiences?
  • Do you have humor and remain calm under pressure?

 When nothing applies to you, then please go to my competition!

Otherwise, I will be happy to read your application (motivational letter, CV, references) – exclusively – in PDF format. Any and all paper applications will not only be ignored but they also will especially not be returned. Other formats than PDF will also disqualify your application. Therefore, please send me your details with a maximum of three PDF files attached to an eMail to jobs[at]vonengelhardt.com. If you are a German, please apply in English, and if you are not German, then please apply in German.

You can receive a fixum for supporting as an assistant like described on a different page. The advantage of doing the work you want to delegate later is that you learn how to communicate this. Also, starting as a freelancing attorney, you will only pay for office costs from your personal turnover and not necessarily have to start with a loan.

Your entry date is as soon as possible.

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