How Much does my Consultation Cost ?

I do not have just one fee! I negotiate it around your budget and needs. Sound expensive? Not really.

Pre-measure costs for legal consultation

You can always ask me – free of cost – what it will cost to represent your interests. I will give you a quote or recommend an expert. Some fees are negotiable. If the assignment is a "one-timer" and clearly structured then I can agree upon a flat fee. If you need ongoing consultation, this will be best invoiced by the billable hour. I try to keep my fees transparent by giving you a description of the tasks to be done. If traveling is required, this is no generic issue for me. My fees remain the same but traveling costs will come on top. Understand as "traveling costs" not only the costs for transportation but a small compensation for lost time for working due to traveling, (depending on distance) accommodation. I will need around €0.5 per kilometer from my office to your location.

You are not in the vicinity? No problem! I am accustomed to consult remotely. Best contact me via my contact form and give me a clear picture of what your needs are. Please understand that I prefer eMail correspondence – whenever possible / reasonable.

Initial Consultation

For more details on an initial consultation, click this sentence.

Legal "First Aid" – via my Service Number

For more details on legal help now and on the spot or legal "first aid".