Articles in this category will answer so many "simple" or "quick" questions when it is typically not worth hiring a professional. A typical situation is that you hear or read something that do not make sense. You want to have a very general idea if your intended approach will be feasible or not. You have one of those "quick questions" and do not want to pay anything for it. Now you have reached the right place! Please respect that I do not answer quick questions for free – neither per eMail nor on the phone.

Now you have read the FAQ and still have question marks in your mind, then it is time to call my Help Now number. Calling service number will cost you only € 2 /m – cellphones might differ.

The provided FAQ on German law will be exclusively around my expertise (Corporate Taxes, Companies and their directors, Immigration, Private Taxes) if it is not just something practical.


  • Business Legalities

    Business Legalities

    Inside the FAQ for business legalities, we want to provide you with a very basic understanding that you can prepare the consultation with us. This category collects topics around businesses (company law) as well as doing business.

  • Entry
    • Business Immigration

      Business Immigration

      We are highly specialized for business immigration purposes! Alexander has been hired by Deutsche Anwaltsinstitut to train other colleagues in business immigration. Please understand as "business immigration" when we serve investors, freelancers, and startups.

    • Employment Immigration

      Employment Immigration

      Germany has a shortage on skilled and academic workers. Persons lacking any kind of training will not have a chance to obtain a residence permit in Germany. The individual articles will describe you what you need to know for a certain residence permit around employment in Germany.

    • Private Purposes

      Private Purposes

      This is about topics such as family reunification or immigration as a pensioner. About all those people who want to immigrate to Germany without wanting to / being able to / having to work.

    • Studying in Germany

      What are the requirements for studying in Germany?Studying in Germany

      This category is all about the residential requirements of studying in Germany. Be it to only learn the language or study at a university for Bachelor, Master, or PhD.

    • Citizenship


      These pages provide you with valuable information about citizenship, dual citizenship and naturalization or applying for German citizenship.

  • Private Legalities

    Private Legalities

    This section will describe the legalities of a private person in Germany – on a general basis.

  • Qualifications for Needed Professions in Germany

    Qualifications for Needed Professions in Germany

    Here we randomly introduce highly needed professions in Germany. They help you get an orientation on what will be expected from you when applying for a permit.
    Let us assume, you do not immediately fulfill all requirements for a profile, that does not automatically mean an end of your career in Germany. It only means that you might first have to start with a “training permit” and later switch to fully fledged employment permit.


    In the attempt to provide our support in finding open jobs, we got in contact with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, which has recently updated its job monitor. Here you will find the 10 most wanted jobs in Germany. Further filter for regions, occupation groups, occupational fields as well as indepth analyses. You can learn from this site whether it makes sense to go further or not. Even if your job is not listed amongst the top ten, does this mean, you will have no chance? No, it will only mean that we will have to search more thoroughly.

  • Residence

    This section is all about your extending and living on your residence permit.

  • Visas

    information on visa


    This topic is all about visas – but not residence permits. Please understand as "visa" the permission to be inside Germany as a visitor for up to three months in a row. A "residence permit" allows persons to indefinitely live here and maybe also pursue some kind of employment and in the long run be eligible for permanent residency – longest after five years.

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